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Thread: Can I take this?

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    Default Can I take this?

    Hi! I am new to this forum. A friend reccomened this board to me.
    Well, I have a almost 13 month old who nurses a lot.
    I bought two Bach Flower essences, Heather and Cerato. I'd love ot begin taking them. Is it safe while breastfeeding?

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    Hi Lizzo,
    Welcome aboard!
    Do these products have an ingredient list? We may be able to find information on certain ingredients, and that may help you decide what to do but otherwise your healthcare provider would be the one to tell you what is safe or not.
    Congratulations on your 13 month old nursling!


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    I did a Google search and the website, Kellymom.com, a reputable bfing site, has a page that lists herbal and natural remedies for depression, anxiety and other maladies. Bach Flower remedies are listed there. I didn't see the two remedies you listed, but I imagine they are all similar.

    I am guessing you want to know if the remedies will affect your baby negatively. The amount that would go through the milk to your baby depends on how old your baby is and how often and how much he/she nurses. Even if you had a tiny baby nursing often and exclusively (meaning nothing else but breastmilk), I would think the small amount that they did get would be safe. Bach remedies are known to be safe and free from side effects as they cannot be overdosed. I think the best way to see if they are "safe" for baby would be to take them as recommended and watch your baby for anything unusual. Also, take note how the remedies affect your milk supply. I don't know if the two remedies would "dry up" a milk supply, but it might be a consideration.

    I wish you well in your quest for self-care and mothering through breastfeeding. Keep up the good work!

    Warm regards,

    Eve Erickson
    LLL Leader
    LLL of Green Valley/Henderson, NV

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