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Thread: Hot Flashes too early for menopause

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    Question Hot Flashes too early for menopause

    I have begun to get hot flashes and cannot figure it out.
    Am still nursing my DS, he will be 2 years old next month. We co-sleep and he nurses about 4-6 times at night and when he takes a nap in the afternoon. About 2-3 months ago he began nursing more, menses stopped (no I am not pregnant) and for the last few weeks I get hot flashes off * on. I am starting to drink RRL tea again, but other than that and seeing a doctor am wondering if anyone else has had this happen. I doubt I am menopausal as my Mom didn't have menopause until her 50's and the same with her Mom and my two sisters. I just turned 39.

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    Default Re: Hot Flashes too early for menopause

    Those are two symptoms I get when my thyroid levels start to get to high. I have Grave's disease (hyperthyroid), so this happens to me on occasion.

    39 is a little late for onset of many thyroid problems, but it does happen (like poor Justice Rehnquist with his thyroid cancer in his 80s?) and it's pretty easy to rule out with a lab test and physical check of your thyroid at your doctor's office.

    It's by no means the only possiblity, but since thyroid problems often go undiagnosed for years, and as many as 1 in 7 women has some sort of thyroid problem, I always recommend getting it checked if you can afford it. I tell every one of my girlfriends to get it checked at least once a year.

    Assuming your family doesn't have a history of early menopause, I'd ask for a thyroid panel when you see the doctor. If you have health insurance covers most of your labs, skip an extra visit and blood draw and very specifically request a TSH tes, a Free T3 test, and a Free T4 test right up front. If the TSH test shows problems, they just make you come back and do the other two

    Don't let the doc talk you into any T7 total or T3/T4 uptake tests, they are NOT as accurate in women and are affected by hormone levels. The Free tests actually measure the usable thyroid hormones in your blood stream and would more accurately reflect your situation.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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