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Thread: Block Feeding Question

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    During the night I have been trying to block feed so I can drop my night supply a bit but it seems all or nothing here...

    I only used a 3 hour block and now it seems like it worked too well. LO wants to nurse at least 5 times at night where we were down to only 3 ... I know I need to resume regular feeding patterns now that it's controlled but w/ all these feedings I'm afraid we will be back to OS and OALD problems...

    I'm either engorged and in pain or having low supply... What am I doing wrong??

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    I noticed in your siggy that your ds is about 7 weeks old now...am I right? It is possible that your son's increased nursing is due to a growth spurt...in which case, his appetite is also increasing, so there's a good chance that your supply and his demand are starting to even out .



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