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Thread: understanding milk production

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    Default understanding milk production

    I have an oversupply and trying to block-feed to down-regulate and tame my OALD. So, I often have one breast that's empty and one that's full.

    I'm trying to understand how the Feedback Inhibitor of Lactation (FIL) protein works. When a breast gets full and accumulates a lot of FIL, does it slow milk synthesis in that one breast (the full one) only or BOTH breasts (the full and empty breast)? And, the breast that's empty causes milk synthesis to increase in that one (the empty one) breast of BOTH breasts (the empty & full breast)?

    I ask b/c I'm more full one one side than the other and wasn't sure if I need to do asymmetrical blocks.


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    Default Re: understanding milk production

    I don't know the answer to your question but understand your frustration because I have one breast that is normal and one (I call my stupid boob) that makes milk like crazy. I thought that the full breast would stimulate FIL but that the FIL would affect BOTH breasts - and this is why block feeding decreases your milk supply... it's not the emptiness but the sucking that clues the body in to make more milk, so with block feeding the amount of sucking should remain the same overall but the amount of FIL should increase... at least this is how I understand it.

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    Default Re: understanding milk production

    FIL decreases the milk in the one breast (it only acts on the cells in that breast). The reason being that breastmilk doesn't flow from one breast to another.

    Lower levels of FIL tell the milk producing cells to make more. For a mother with a large oversupply, sometimes it takes a while for enough FIL to build up and have an effect on production. Here's some info:

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