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Thread: A long winded question

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    Hi, The official advice we're given in the UK is dont give solids till 6 months. But if you talk to most health visitors, or doctors, or most mums, the advice is usualy dont give food before 17 weeks, but if they wake up in the night they're probably ready. I dont think I know anyone who hasn't given baby mush at about 4 months because they say their baby was 'realy hungry' and even the BFing mums say they didn't have enough milk. But then I've asked a few if giving baby mush has helped and they seem to say no, I want to say to them dont you think that was just thier 4 month growth spurt.
    So my question is, is it most likely just a growth spurt, which you should just work through, or are some babies realy hungry and needing more food earlier? It seem strange that babies in general dont need anything other than milk for 6 months, but so many mums have especialy hungry babies.
    And what official advice have you been given?
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    I was told too that you shouldn't give your lo solids till 6 mos. But I introduced my DD to baby cereal at 4 mos. I wasn't everyday with it though and then at 6 mos. I started with the Gerber fruits and just worked my way up from there. I think every baby is different and if you think they are really not being full from just nursing then maybe you can mix the cereal with some of your milk, well at 4 mos. Forgive me if I'm not answering your question. BTW I have a Rhianna too!! I just spell it different.
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    I don't think a baby waking in the middle of the night is a sign they need solids. If so I would have been giving mine solids since day 1. I think the reason 6 months is recommended is because of the time it takes the digestive system to mature enough to handle solids okay.

    It is a wive's tale that solids will make them sleep through the night! My LO is 8 1/2 months old and still wakes for a bottle at around 3 AM - I can even hear her little tummy growling for food! She's been on solids for about 2 months now.

    It is also shown that sleeping through the night is a developmental milestone. Some reach it early in infancy, some later.

    I also noticed on previous threads that sleeping through the night for a breastfed child is around 5 hours straight. Mine didn't do that until around 4-5 months old.

    Personally, I think it is just crazy to think that all children should sleep as an adult should. For those moms who get that, they are lucky, but that usually changes once the LO starts teething.

    BTW, I think my DD was on a constant growth spurt for the first 4 1/2 months of her life! At least it seemed that way. It sounds like you don't want to give solids, but feel a little pressure to. If you don't want to, don't. YOU know what is best for your baby.
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    I was told babies could go a lot longer than 6 months w/out starting solids, I don't plan on starting until LO is taking stuff off our plates to be honest. I personally would nurse through it, if my DS is waking for food, breastmilk is all he's ever had so I can't imagine he's waking for anything else

    Sounds like a growth spurt... I think this one is a personal choice.

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    hi, I was told not to give solids until the baby was at least 6mo. The also advise to wait until your LO is able to sit unassisted and use the pincer grasp.
    I waited until 6mo before letting my ds taste things. Now if I am eating my yoghurt and he is interested, I put a tiny dab on my finger and let him taste it....he can't sit up for long yet, so I haven't started feeding him properly.
    My family, co workers and friends also tried to encourage me to feed earlier but I said no, and that was it.

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    I agree with pp, solids wont help them sleep through the night. Until they show the developmental signs that they are ready for solids (sitting unassisted, pincher grasp, not tongue-thrusting everything) I would say they are not ready. Obviously you know your lo best and you can decide, but their intestines arent completely lined until 6 months anyway...

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