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Thread: Snack ideas

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    My DD is just over 9 months old, on days she is at home she gets 3 meals per day and BF's about 5-6 times. I don't typically do a snack since she is still a good meal eater (hasn't yet decided that eating is too boring to sit still for). However, she is at daycare 3 days/week and they are very into giving a "snack time", partly for the social aspect of it . . .I don't necessarily LOVE her getting extra snacks, but since its only 3 days per week, I just nurse her more when I am with her on those days to make sure she is also getting plenty of BM. ANYWAY, to get to my actual question . . . .Her snacks at daycare are usually carbs (rice cakes, cherios, rice chex) since those are things I can easily keep there in her food cabinet. Problem is, she has started getting constipated with all the extra carbs, so I am looking for ideas of other things I can leave there for her to have for snacks????


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    I'd be interesting in learning more about this too.

    My DC keeps a community supply of snacks so all the kids eat them together. It's usually little puff type things.

    How is my LO going to understand when he has a seperate snack from the others?

    And what can I send for him...?

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    I'll be watching this post for ideas too!

    Maybe you could send cut up fruit or veggies and one of those mesh net food holders to put them in.

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    Can you take maybe canned fruit and cut it up and put in baggies for each day? Or maybe make a trail mix of cheerios and some fruit? That is what I would try, and I think canned fruit would last longer, unless you send your LO with fresh fruit every day, pre cut so the workers don't have to cut it up. One can of fruit or veggies could probably last a week.
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    Just this week I started sending food with DS to day care. I decided to send less messy finger foods that I know DS has mastered eating at home. All the food I prepare by cutting into DS-sized little sticks that I know he can pick up and feed himself.

    rice chex
    healthy times cookies
    rice cakes
    cooked carrots
    firm tofu
    green beans (steamed)
    asparagus (steamed)
    cubes of steamed winter squash

    It's only been a few days - DS eating any of this at day care has been hit or miss. He acts interested in eating when the other LO are eating, but this is the first time any one but mommy or daddy has given him solids so I think its taking him awhile to get used to the new situation. I just keep sending in a variety of things for the day care providers to choose from to offer DS.

    We're holding off on introducing wheat (which most of the puff type foods have) so we've specifically asked day care to NOT give him any food except what we send.
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