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Thread: A trick that helped me overcome 8 month old's nursing strikes

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    Default A trick that helped me overcome 8 month old's nursing strikes

    I wanted to share with all you moms with 7-8-9 month olds not nursing well.

    I had the same issue with my 8 1/2 month old DS and have made it through 2 nursing strikes in the past 6 weeks (horrible stuff!) where I had to supplement. I tried EVERYTHING to get him back to boobie, with no success.

    By pure dumb luck, on Monday this past week, I found that if I brought his teddy bear that he sleeps with, with us to the nursing chair, he would actually latch on long enough for me to let-down (I have slow let-downs that take up to 2 minutes to happen). So long as his bear is right on top of his face and he is stroking its paw, he will nurse. The minute his bear falls on the ground or gets knocked off him, he stops nursing and freaks out. As soon as bear is back on him, he latches on with abandon and nurses until he falls asleep, something we haven't shared for at least 2 months.

    I hope that helps other moms out there! Try giving your baby his/her "lovey" while nursing and see if that helps! I tried nursing necklaces, clicking my tongue, singing, dark rooms, white noise, skin-to-skin, bathtime nursing, nap-nursing (yeah, right), hanging over him on all fours with breasts hanging down like a cow, and many other tricks. This is the ONLY thing that has worked for us in weeks and weeks. And he has now been nursing well for a week, getting hardly any supplementation (we've gone from 5-6 bottles of formula a day to ALL breastfeeding again and maybe 3 oz formula a day!!!!), and I think my supply has finally started to get back on track. He's 8 1/2 month old.

    Hope this helps someone else! Try a "lovey!"

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: A trick that helped me overcome 8 month old's nursing strikes

    Thanks for sharing that. I'm going to try that with my 12 month old

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