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Thread: Spouse not warming up?

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    Default Spouse not warming up?

    My son is now 5 months old *on the 21st of May* but one thing that I wanted to bring up was when my son was a newborn it took my husband a few months to want to hold him and kiss him and treat him like another human being. Our son freaked my husband out a little. It made me really upset because we always talked about having a bunch of kids and I started to doubt whether that was such a good idea. I cried about it, tried to talk to him about it and the only thing that ever ended up happening is me crying even more. He told me that he loved our son but he didn't even know him and it wasn't love at first sight ~ he would only hold him if I asked him to.

    If this is happening to you - please know that in a few months time you won't be able to tear your spouse and your baby away from each other. My husband is all over my DS - he reads to him before bed - he feeds him, bathes him, takes walks with him, and dresses him, changes his diaper. It's so cute to walk in on them having a ''conversation''. My DS coos at him and my husband talks back hahaha. Priceless

    I think since we carry our babies in our bodies for 9 months and we breastfeed - we fall in love with our babies before they are even born. Some of us have been dreaming of having babies since we were little girls - give your spouse some time.

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    Default Re: Spouse not warming up?

    I was a little worried at first too. My husband was scared to hold our son for a while. He was just so tiny and fragile. They are best buddies now (8 months) and enjoy playing together.

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