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Thread: Help please- ounces!!

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    How can you determine how much breastmilk a baby is getting at each feeding? For example how many sucks is it to get to an ounce?

    Thank you so much!

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    I don't think there's a formula for sucks to ounces. I think the only accurate way to measure how much they're getting is to weigh then before and after on a baby scale. These can be bought at baby stores and sometimes you can find a place to rent them. As long as your baby is growing and having lots of wet and dirty diapers, there's not really a reason to to know the total. It's just another thing to stress about. kwim?

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    Yeah, I wuld just count dirty diapers....if there are not enough of those, then get a scale.

    I know it can be hard, but trust your body. Drink water, and nurse baby often.

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    Even weighing a baby before and after a feed just gives you a "snapshot" of that moment--the baby will eat different amounts at different feedings throughout the day, so if you happen to catch a "snack" instead of a "full meal", you might concern yourself mistakenly This practice is really only useful in babies who are demonstrating other signs of not getting enough milk.

    The best way to tell if your baby is getting enough breastmilk is to watch the output. This article is helpful: http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/enough.html

    We live in a number-driven society and that can be concerning to breastfeeding mothers sometimes because they don't know EXACTLY how much baby is eating. But you can rest assured that if your baby is showing the appropriate signs (as outlined in the article linked above), he or she is eating enough!

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