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Thread: 3 days no BF, now trying again. HELP

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    Default 3 days no BF, now trying again. HELP

    I stopped BF for 3 days, i pumped a little to relieve engorgement, but then stopped altogether for 1 day, the next ay i decided it was upsetting my 4 week old too much and i would try again.
    I can only pump off about 15 ml, will it come back?
    She is latching and feeding for an hour total, im doing it 3 hourly.
    Has anyone done this, how long til the milk supply went back up.
    Also im having to give her 100ml formula after BF, should I stop this?

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    Default Re: 3 days no BF, now trying again. HELP

    You sure can start again! Yes, your milk will return! Nurse, nurse, nurse! Nurse as frequently as your baby will. If she LOOKS at you, offer to nurse. You can decrease the supplement as your baby nurses more and your production increases. Of course, watching baby's output is a must! http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/enough.html

    Good luck!

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