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Thread: Pumping Necessary??????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutiepie
    Per dr orders, I had to start supplementing with soy today.
    I heard that soy can DECREASE your supply due to phytoestrogens. Estrogens decrease milk production, that's why the oral contraceptive pill for lactating moms contains only progesterone and not estrogen, and that's also why pregnant women do not lactate despite high prolactin levels. Only when the pregnancy ends and estrogen levels plummet does lactation begin.

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    Thank you for the info about soy. I SNS supplemented for a couple of days and mixed soy formula with EBM for about a week. Then I had to travel to NM for a family emergency, and I took ds with me. I enjoyed my 4 days off with ds and I let him nurse every 2-2.5 hours (I did not take my pump with me because we already had our hands full with luggage). I feel like my supply is up again and that he is getting enough to eat. Sometimes he nurses for a total of 30 min, and sometime he nurses for 45+ min. I don't try to rush him-he is pretty tempermental. We did ALOT of nap nursing and co sleeping at night. I did take the formula with me, but i NEVER gave it to him. When he as done eating, he was happy and did not act hungry.
    I will say, I was feeling each letdown and he was doing ALOT of swallowing
    I think we needed those days together to re-bond (I think me going back to work and stressing about my supply and his weight issue took a toll on my milk and myself). I took tommorow off also to help him get back into the swing of our routine.
    During my trip I talked to a couple of people about what the pedi said, and they reassured me I was doing everything right. I told them I stopped doing the supplements, because I felt like that was only going to sabatoge my supply more because he was getting extra that I was not producing and the formula made him so full, he quit nursing so frequently. They told me they had the same prob with one of their own, but their baby had grown in length like my ds.
    He may not be gaining on the scales, but he is definately growing. He has grown out of a couple of his 0-3 mo old clotes, his legs and arms are much longer, he has started giggling and reaching for things infront of him and putting them in his mouth, etc.......He is happy and healthy. His poopies have even been yellowish-brown again!!
    Sorry this was so long, I am just happy to see my ds happy!!

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    Good to hear you found a LLL Leader in your area. Let us know how the meeting goes!

    Warm regards,


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    I was told it couldnt be a foremilk imbalance unless you had oversupply. Anyone know if that's true or not. I originally thought that was my problem, now I understand that it's simply a supply issue.

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