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Thread: Screaming at the breast

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    My daughter Brooklyn is 4 weeks old today. Weve had our share of issues with BF so far but luckily I have yet to suppliment and weve worked past all our issues or are working (latch ext). On thursday my daughter got sick and was in the hospital for a day with a fever, but she fed the entire time. Ever since then, she has been pulling off the breast in a fit every 30 seconds to a minute. Its so fustrating trying to get her to stay latched and I can not figure out why she is having such a hard time. Sometimes my milk comes really really fast and she coughs or chokes but this dosnt seem to be the problem. Is it something Im doing wrong? Is she going to start protesting and not take the breast anymore?

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    I had similar issues with my son at ~3 weeks. He had been BF with no problems, but he started not being able to latch on and crying. I went to the LC and she gave some tips, but didn't diagnose. What I've since found out is that it was oversupply issues. I'd suggest taking a look at the material posted on the oversupply listing as your description sounds similar.

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