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Thread: questions about domperidone...

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    Default questions about domperidone...

    if dom is not FDA approved doesnt that mean it's dangerous or something?

    where can it be obtained and how trustworthy are these sources? (i spoke to a pharmacist at a compounding pharmacy in my city and he said he couldnt get it)

    what is the usual dosage?


    momagain ("mom again" to 2 month old zach)

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    Default Re: questions about domperidone...

    Domperidone is not FDA approved, but it is used more commonly in other countries, including Canada, and I believe the UK. There's some long story about why it is not FDA approved, which I don't know all the details about. I believe there was a study that involved a large dosage that was given intravenously where there were some deaths (?), but some believe this is not relevant to the pill kind of usage, which is I guess why other countries consider it safe (relatively speaking). If someone knows this better than me, please pipe up! Anyway, it is still legal to get in the US, but most doctors in the US won't prescribe it because of the FDA lack of approval. If you have a prescription but can't find someone to fill it, I'd be happy to give you the address of a compounding pharmacist who will make it legally for you. Just send me a private message.

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