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Thread: Stress and decreasing supply

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    Default Stress and decreasing supply

    Does stress cause a decrease in milk supply? I never had a problem nursing DD1, or at least none that I noticed. Lately, though, I have been trying to nurse DD2, and she barely gets any before she pulls off and cries and throws a fit. She is 4.5 months, and I have just recently been very stressed. Of course, when I get very stressed, I get sick. I vomit, and I also barely can eat. Is there a certain type of food that I can eat that will help increase?
    There is nothing I can do about the stressor. it's going to be around for awhile.

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    Sorry to hear about your stress-hope things change for the better for you. I know oatmeal works great and some of the mothers milk teas as well.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a stressful time.

    Stress can inhibit letdown. Do you think that might be part of the issue? If so, this page has some great tips!
    And more on faster flow:

    As for eating, just do your best to eat as well as you can. Perhaps it might help to have some one handed foods around that you could grab on the run? Granola bars or oatmeal cookies might be extra handy.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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