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Thread: Need more feed?

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    Default Need more feed?

    My baby is now 2 month old.

    Few weeks ago she will drink her milk every 6hrs 2 feeds. Which is about 3 Oz for per feed.

    Now she will need 3 feed every 6hrs. I don't know if she is getting enough for each feed. But she tried to push out the bottle once she is full. So I assume 3Oz could be enough for her per feed.

    I am trying to increase my supply and now she needs more and more. There were times I thought if she continues this way I might not have enough BM for her and forever got to add supplement.

    I believe if my baby needs more. She would ask for more during that 1 feed. How would she want to separate the feeds into so many times?

    I am really confused with her feeding...

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    Default Re: Need more feed?

    If you think she is hungry then feed her as much as she wants. Nursing babies cluster feed during growth spurts which builds mom's supply up, maybe that is what she is doing

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    Default Re: Need more feed?

    I don't quite understand your question. Are you pumping exclusively? Or is your baby nursing, too? And your question is that your baby isn't taking more milk but is taking the milk more frequently. Is that correct?

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