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Thread: Insulated bowls?

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    Default Insulated bowls?

    I saw a mom at my son's daycare who uses a really cool insulated container for her kid's meals. It looks like a bowl (or thermos) with three divided sections and apparently, if it is filled with hot food, the food stays warm until serving. It comes in its own little insulated carrying case and the whole thing is probably no bigger than half the size of a regular lunchbox. Do any moms here use such a thing? Where can I get it? I haven't seen the daycare mom in awhile or I'd ask her directly!

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    Default Re: Insulated bowls?

    I know that pampered chef has bowls that you can freeze - ther is water in between the outside and the inside.

    A mom I know has the bowls/plastes you are talking about. She boils water, then can pur it into the cavity under the plate. It keeps the food warm for her slow eater!

    I will ask her where she go the plates from.

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