I am so confused about what could be going on. I have a deep crack at base of nipple and I went to obgyn and she said she doen't know why it has happened either. No sign of thrush in baby. Dr. said she doesn't want me to bf on that side because it will just keep splitting it open and letting in the bacteria from the mouth of my baby. So what am I suposed to do to feed him. He doesn't eat much at all. I have been pumping and he won't drink my milk from a bottle (tried all of them), sippy cup, or a real cup. Even tried letting him go hungry for half a day and that didn't work either. So I have been bf him on the side with the crack and have been in severe pain everytime he latchs on and during the whole feeding. It has been a week and no sign of healing and I am afraid of getting this infected and being unable to feed him. What am I suposed to do to get this stuborn child to drink my milk from a sorce other than me? Also should say that he won't eat for anyone elso either. Thanks and any help would be appreciated.