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Thread: I am getting Anesthesia - what to do?

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    Default I am getting Anesthesia - what to do?

    My baby is 2 months old and I am having my tubes tied (eesure procedure)next week. I am getting LMAC Anesthesia and was advised by the anestigioligist to not nurse for 24-48hrs (she suggested 24hrs since I am having a mild anesthesia administered). She said I should give my baby expressed breast milk. I am worried as I did not know I was not going to be able to nurse my baby after the procedure. I pumped already to leave ebm for him but will I make enough??

    Is it not safe to nurse after receiving anesthesia?? Any comments would be great/ Thank you.

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    Default Re: I am getting Anesthesia - what to do?

    Generally speaking, it is alright to nurse your baby as soon as you wake up after surgery.

    Here is some more specific information for you (not LLL source, though): Breastfeeding when mom has surgery

    And I'm sure that some mom's here will chime in with their own experiences on this subject

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    Default Re: I am getting Anesthesia - what to do?

    I don't know from personal experience but I have a friend who had the same procedure and nursed immediately after. Her ds was only 2 weeks old. I, and many mothers, nursed right after my C-section and for 2 weeks afterward while taking very strong pain medication. I would think you would be fine to nurse following the procedure.

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    Default Re: I am getting Anesthesia - what to do?

    I would consult my pediatrician and maybe a LC?

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