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Thread: warmed but never used

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    Default warmed but never used

    last night my son slept through his 'midnightish' feeding, which my husband does with expressed milk. my husband thought he was waking up at one point so he grabbed the milk from the fridge and started warming it. we do this slowly by putting the bottle in a coffee mug with warm water. well, since my son never woke, the milk was never used. it is now back in the fridge.

    do i have to throw it out because it was chilled, warmed and chilled again? like everyone else, i hate to toss 4 good ounces! my son is 9 weeks old, if that matters.


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    Default Re: warmed but never used

    I have reused warmed bottles, as long as the milk had never been frozen. It never seemed to make dd sick or uncomfortable. I don't do it often, but its like gold to me (or maybe even more precious) so I don't like to throw it either. I would try to use it up soon though. And I think you can usually tell if it is sour by smelling/tasting a little of it. I know the LLL has a website that talks about storage, but I don't think it addresses this. Hopefully others will chime in!

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    Default Re: warmed but never used

    I have, as well, fed my baby milk that had been warmed then refridgerated but never frozen. I was afraid to at first and I don't do it often, but BM IS pretty much liquid gold!! It should be totally fine as long as you use it soon.

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