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Thread: When does Oversupply & OALD end?

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    Default When does Oversupply & OALD end?

    Hi. I'm new here, so sorry if this has been answered.

    I've been EBM my daughter for the past 12 weeks, and have been struggling with oversupply & OALD since her 3rd week. I feel as if I'm constantly engorged and am always uncomfortable, and so I rarely leave the house. It doesn't help that my LO doesn't have a regular feeding pattern (some days she eats more than others). I've tried block feeding (4 hrs) and catching the spray after the initial letdown, so that helps a bit. But lately, she's been really fussy at the breast b/c of the OALD, and doesn't want to continue to feed after the initial letdown, so I have to keep trying again for the next hour.

    When does oversupply and OALD (and leaking) stop?
    Also, when it does settle down, do I need to continue to block feed forever? Do I need to continue to feed on one side forever too?

    I read that it should end by 12 weeks, but it's been 12 weeks and I'm still always so full. I've considered giving up many times, but have stuck with it and am taking it day by day. I guess I just need to know that it does get better!
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    Default Re: When does Oversupply & OALD end?


    The answer really is, "that depends". OALD can be a really individual thing. In general, as your baby gets older she will be able to cope better with the fast flow of milk, and her appetite will increase, so your supply will better fit her demand. A lot of oversupplied moms find that blockfeeding "forever" works for them, so they just keep doing it. Eventually, though, the engorgement and constant leaking associated with block feeding does subside. But it takes time. Hang in there.


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