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Thread: Need help with thrush/yeast

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    Default Need help with thrush/yeast

    I could use some advice with curing the yeast infection my daughter and I can't seem to get rid of...

    She's had a white coating on her tongue since around birth, but no spots in her mouth, so at first the doctor kept telling us it was just "milk tongue" (even though it never went away...). I didn't have a yeast infection and I didn't take any antibiotics during or around the time of her birth.

    Around 6 weeks, I developed sore and cracking nipples, and we treated my daughter with Nystatin and me with clotrimazole on the nipples (also washing my nipples after each feeding with vinegar/water and wearing breast shells) for about 1 week, after which time I felt better and her tongue was somewhat clearer.

    After about another week, it was back. My nipples got sore again, and the doctor saw the thick white coating on her tongue (still no other spots in her mouth). We did the same routine with Nystatin and clotrimazole for another week (now with me sleeping topless at night), and again I felt better, but no change on her tongue. So now we're using Diflucan (today is day 2 for her), and we'll see if that works...no change yet.

    Since I was feeling much better, I decided to try going a day without the breast shields, changing my disposable nursing pads every few hours, and still washing with vinegar/water, using clotrimazole, and sleeping topless...and after a day my nipples were red and itchy again!

    I don't know why we can't seem to get rid of this! I'm also doing things like only using my bath towel once before washing it, washing all laundry with vinegar and hot water, washing my hands all the time... She doesn't use a pacifier, and I sterilize my pumping equipment and her bottles after every use.

    I've seen postings about Gentian Violet, which we can try if Diflucan doesn't work for us.

    Any other hints for how we can beat this?

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    Default Re: Need help with thrush/yeast

    some moms have to change thier diet and eat beter!
    heres a link from kelly moms

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