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Thread: It's Official - too much milk part II

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    Default It's Official - too much milk part II

    Good Morning/ Evening-
    Thank you to all who responded to my first post - things have stayed the same - all though after her second check up I found some interesting news - my little one has already hit a growth spurt - and the dr. is encouraging me to feed less...

    seems after they had me pump in the office to measure how much saby was getting... she was getting more than 12 ozs a feeding... whoa... ... so my cup runneth over?? :-) We're trying to figure out what to do - do I pump and give from the bottle? alternate with the breast for a bit.. has anyone had this happen??

    12 oz a feeding is a lot (to the dr.. ) and to me... seems there is no "perfect" amount to feed - but if shes feeding every two hours (as she has been) I understand her average weight gain has been 70 grams a day!!

    At any rate - any of you have this experience? know where I could possibly donate milk?? I have a freezer and fridge full...

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    Default Re: It's Official - too much milk part II

    oversupply can be lowered.
    couple of questions?
    Do you have a local leader you can talk to?
    Maybe something you could try would be to ditch the pump and just count diapars. Just untill you get things straitend out.
    What has the babies weight gain been like?
    Is baby having any other problems with the over supply? Like fussy or green poops?
    How often are you pumping? What kind of pump?
    Limiting time at breast is hardly ever a good idea.
    heres a good link from kelly moms...
    read some of the links at the bottom and let us know if you figure out something that will work for you and if you need any more help just ask.
    I'm going to check out your other post.
    good luck!

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    Default Re: It's Official - too much milk part II

    You can donate your extra milk to premiees and NICU babies to help them thrive. I have been doing it now for 6 months and it is wonderful to know I am helping babies in need. Here are two post about milk banking.
    Samantha: born 3 1/2 weeks early on Sept 2006 6lbs 4 oz 18 inches long with situs inversus totalis. Now a strong healthy little girl that wants to be a NICU doctor, loves her little sister and breastfeeds her dolls!
    Milk donated with while nursing first LO: 2,200 oz
    Alexandra: born 3 weeks early on July 2010 7lbs 8 oz 19.5 inches long.
    Milk donated with while nursing first LO: 1,200

    For information on becoming a Breastmilk Donor http://hmbana.org/index/donatemilk

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    Default Re: It's Official - too much milk part II

    Regardless of what your dr. is saying I would still fed your baby on demand. Agree with ppl that you can find ways to reduce milk. You baby may be finding ways to slow the milk intake down, so every two hours may be just fine. trust your instincts.

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