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Thread: Help feeling VERY depressed! another long one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan's Mommy View Post
    Proud Mommy, How did you find out your DD had reflux? Before the medice was your DD fussy/crying a lot EVERY day? QUOTE]Before the medice was your DD fussy/crying a lot EVERY day? It's weird, because the past two days...especially today my baby is a COMPLETELY different baby....he has been a happy little angel. I'm really confused, because I've never seen him act like that. I am thankful, but just confused bc I'm not sure what's so different.
    It had never even crossed my mind that she had reflux untill one night she was sleeping and I heard her burp, and then she started screaming. She had a Dr. appt. the next day and there was a brochure about GERD. I talked to the Dr. about it and she said that even though from a medicial standpoint it didn't need to be treated because she was gaining weight, she thought that she had enough other symtoms to try treatment. I honestly think that changing my diet helped more then the meds do.

    Sometimes she cried all day. It was awful. Part of me thought that maybe she was just a fussy baby, but in my heart I always felt that there was something wrong. Even if you can't get meds for your LO it wouldn't hurt to try changing your diet to see if that helps. Dairy and caffeine are a good place to start, although I have also cut out citrus and anything acidy. I noticed a huge change within a day. It's had to not have all of the foods that I love, but it is so much easier than dealing with a screaming baby, she almost never cries now Feel free to PM me if you have anymore questions. Good luck!
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