I haven't much to add in the way of advice, but just to confirm what others have said before: In the early weeks of a first time mother, there can be some awful, awful days, and you are not a failure because you feel awful.

I remember one day when my daughter was about seven weeks old and she just fed and cried and fed and cried and fed etc. That day I was wondering if I could give her up for adoption - see, that's how terrible a mother I am! The next day I took her to the drop-in clinic and the health visitor told me my daughter was experiencing a "48-hour feeding frenzy". She was right, by the next morning it was over and I realised that of course I would never give away my wee girl.

At this time, you probably have some kind of tunnel vision. When you look at babies that are, say, sever or eight months old, do you feel that yours will never get there and be able to do all these things? And yet, before you know it, she will, and then you'll probably start to feel all melancholy that her babyhood is almost over. So, it will get better, it will get easier, I promise.