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Thread: Uneven Milk Supply

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    My LO is 5mo old. She is very healthy - 17 lbs, with no solids yet. I feed her on demand, round the clock. She usually wants to eat every two -three hours, even at night. I have OALD on my right side ONLY. I have been block feeding to keep from getting engorged, but now it seems that the left side doesn't make enough milk! My DD only wants to nurse on that side when she's sleepy or for comfort - when she's hungry it's only the right side for her.

    I only pump once a day, first thing in the morning, just to donate to a milk bank. On my right breast I can get up to 8 oz, but only get about 2 from my left. Is there any way to even this out ??!! I really think I'm losing my milk on the left side

    I would love any advice you guys have. Thanks!!!

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    I'm the same way a 7 mo, no real probs.

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