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Thread: weaning and breast exam, ASAP

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    Exclamation weaning and breast exam, ASAP

    I am hoping to get advice (quick!) as I have an appointment tomorrow morning with my midwife. Over the past couple of months, I've been having pain in my left breast towards the armpit and felt a "lump" there. I also just weaned my toddler; I have not nursed him for a week. As of today, there is still some milk being produced and both breasts are very tender to the touch. Now they are really "lumpy". My question is, what are the physiological changes that occur in breast tissue when one ceases to breastfeed and how will this affect my breast exam? How would it affect a breast ultrasound or biopsy, if needed?

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    Default Re: weaning and breast exam, ASAP

    The milk producing glands will involute (shrink) over time. Since you only recently weaned, you are probably still making milk. An experienced radiographer will know what to look for in a lactating breast.

    Here is a great article:
    And another (not a LLL resource)


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