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Thread: Changes in poop?

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    Default Changes in poop?

    LO has always had almost watery poops - sometimes mucousy since he started teething and drooling like a madman! LOL But at one poop a couple of weeks ago - and again yesterday - the poop was *much* thicker, and though it was far from formed, there were almost-formed mushes.

    He just turned 6 mos. There haven't been any noticeable changes in his nursing, and we haven't really started solids (he's mushed up some bits of carrot and apple, but I doubt any really made it down his throat). Most
    poops happen while at daycare, so I don't know how often this happens. Is this normal GI-evolution?

    Poop. So gross. But so much fun!
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    Here is a good link http://www.drjaygordon.com/developme...ricks/poop.asp
    Hope it helps. There have been some threads about this lately, and yes it is a normal GI evolution. My lo has had formed stools since about 5-6 months. Ahh, the journey of poop....lol..

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    well I am glad to hear I am not the only one! From about 5 months my lo slowed down to pooping once a week (not fun- we are using pear juice and suppositories now) but his poop is totally thick- like paste. He plays with solids but doesnt actually eat any of it- if it gets far enough back he just gags. I think it is normal. I guess they just get more efficient!

    yeah you know you are a parent when your dinner conversation consists of a conversation about poop!!!

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