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Thread: dealing with a stomach bug

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    Default dealing with a stomach bug

    My lo has been spitting up an awful lot the past couple days or so. And no, I'm not being a fussy mommy worried about a little spit-up: I mean he will spit up several times within an hour, and sometimes he gets fussy right before he does it, so I think there must be something irritating his stomach.

    My question is, what can I do for him besides wiping him off and changing his soiled shirts? Would feeding him smaller amounts more frequently help the problem at all? How long should I expect this to last? How long should I give it before I start to worry that something more might be wrong?

    Anyone else dealt with this? What did you do?

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    Default Re: dealing with a stomach bug

    My son went through many spouts of this, and it was very simialr to what you are describing. At that age, I don't think there is much else you can do. I always kept feeding him whenever he wanted, figuring that he wouldn't be throwing all of it up and at least he'd be getting something in him to keep him hydrated. If he will let you, you could try giving him a little less, but once he's feeding he might not was to let go. I'm sure you are also trying to keep him upright after he eats (shoot for a half hour).
    I hope it resolves itself soon for you,

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    Default Re: dealing with a stomach bug

    It will get better. My dd use to spit up too, after and in between meals. Like pp said feed him on demand, because if they get too hungry they eat fast and everything comes back and burp him lot in between too. Just think of ourselves: if we're very hungry we eat quick and then it feels like there is a brick in our stomach.
    Just keep an eye on him. Now that I did the same with my dd she'll hardly spit up anymore.

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    Default Re: dealing with a stomach bug

    My DD is the same age as yours and she is doing the same thing. Lately more than before, I mean, she is throwing up like everything she' eating. I am not an expert but I think what she is doing is letting my milk supply know she needs more now that she is bigger, this way my body will make more milk for her. Again, I'm not an expert.

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