My little fella has been doing snack feeding sprees in the morning for 2 days now. He'll suck for 5 minutes max, and fall asleep. Even if i do manage to wake him up again to feed, he'll just suck for another 5 minutes, and right back to sleep. My question is, will this affect my milk supply? Since he's removing only a little milk from each breast at a time, and i dare not pump coz my supply is already not abundant to begin with and he's going to wake up and eat again in 20 minutes max anyway.

Also, will such a feeding pattern affect his foremilk-hindmilk balance? i'm already getting quite a bit of flak from my mother that he's no longer as chubby as he was when we supplemented with formula... and now that he's on full breastmilk, he's always hungry!