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Thread: 7 Weeks and not enough milk - help!

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    Exclamation 7 Weeks and not enough milk - help!

    7 weeks ago I had a baby boy, Myles, who is just divine.

    After 12 hours of labor, I had a c-section, which was fine until I got an internal infection with a fever of a 105. During that time, I wasn't able to feed him (nearly two days), so he was given formula as I worked through the infection. Shortly thereafter my milk came in, and he was having difficulty latching on. A breast shield was recommended, which I used, and which seemed to help the situation. Milk was clearly coming into the shield, and he was nursing for nearly an hour each time (this was right after I left the hospital.) So, I was surprised to find out that he was losing weight given the fact that he was nursing for so long and seemed satiated. After two doctors visits, and a visit to the lactation consultant (who told me to ditch the breast shield, which I was able to do) and who figured that he was getting maybe an ounce per feeding from me in total, the pediatrician said that I needed to start supplementing with formula.

    This just broke my heart. I figured that breastfeeding is a natural process, that it's what mothers do - and I was shocked that I had to supplement, and beyond depressed. In the meantime, the LC suggested that I pump after each feeding (at least 4x) per day, and BF him for 10-15 min per side before I give him the bottle. I started to do this, however the most I ever got while pumping was 50ML, no matter how much I pumped.

    So, I tried teas and special potatoes from China. I read all three of my books about breastfeeding. Felt like I was tied to the pump. And still - 7 weeks later there is no change. At each feeding, he takes 3.5 - 4 ounces of formula, which means that he's probably getting next to nil from me. I don't want to give up - I love the bonding that we share when I'm feeding him. But, is there something that I haven't considered? Any suggestions? I haven't been the best about drinking enough water - could that effect things? My doctor seems to think that it could have stemmed from my infection, however she's not certain. Please help (I plan to call a local LLL representative this week to get their advice also.)

    I guess here's my ultimate question: if it's all about stimulation, and that's what increases milk production, then when he was feeding for an hour at a time, 6-8 times a day, wouldn't that be enough stimulation to get things rolling?


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    Have you tried a sns? Ask a LC about that.

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    First of all, ! Breastfeeding is a natural process buy sometimes unnatural things like a c/s and the aftermath wreak havoc on the natural scheme of things.

    Two things could also be at play here: milk transfer and non-nutritive sucking. There could be something interfering with milk transfer or baby could just be comfort nursing as his nutrition is coming primarily from the bottle. A seven week old typically nurses 8-12 times per day, and with supply issues you really should be nursing on the high end of the scale. An SNS or Lactaid would be very helpful in your situation since the baby does latch. This link may also be helpful for you. It is filled with tons of low milk supply info.


    You said you tried teas and special potatoes? Have you tried fenugreek? It is well documented to increase milk supply. The recommended does is 3 capsules three times a day. Check out this for more info on galactagogues.
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