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Thread: Maintaining Milk Supply

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    I was wondering, is it necessary to nurse a minimum of 8 times per day to maintain a full milk supply? I have struggled to get my supply where it's at, and my 13-week old ds seems to want to nurse about 7 times a day. Just want to make sure it wouldn't cause any problems. Thanks for any help.

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    No, it's not necessary to nurse a minimum of 8 times per day to maintain your milk supply. Milk supply is all about supply and demand. The more your breasts are stimulated (the more demand that is placed on them), the more milk you will make. The less they are stimulated the less milk you will make. You only need to make enough milk for your baby. So if your baby wants to nurse 7 times a day, that is fine to let him do that. If he increases his nursing frequency, your breasts will adjust to meet his demands. Try not to worry! You're doing great!

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