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Thread: Northeast Wisconsin/Upper Michigan groups?

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    Default Northeast Wisconsin/Upper Michigan groups?


    I'm in the WI/MI border (pembine if anyone happens to be from the area). I'm looking for a LLL group. The closest one I could find online is about 1.5hrs away which is a bit far with a newborn and a 22 month old who both are carseat haters. If you do the search by zip code it is 54156 or the closest "bigger" towns are Marinette, WI Menominee, MI Iron Mountain, MI.

    Or if you could let me know where to look or call about any groups in the area. There isn't anything in the phone book or online and the LC at the hospital I delivered at doesn't seem to return calls

    Thanks for any help
    Eric 2/28/04
    Kyan 1/4/06

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    I like your child's name--I an Sue Ann the admin (logged on as "admin team"). I have one named Kynan. He turned 15 yesterday. Sigh. Big, tall and sweet.

    To answer your question, Generally, the easiest way to find an LLL Group in the US is to go to http://www.lalecheleague.org/WebUS.html and click on the state or states you are interested in. Also, any LLL Leader listed in the state should have a directory and be able to help you find a local contact.

    We were hoping to use this forum for announcements of LLL events.

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    Default Re: Northeast Wisconsin/Upper Michigan groups?

    I know there is a LLL group in the Copper Country (Hancock I think) but that is a pretty long drive for you. I used to live up there. I was really happy to hear that there is a LLL group in Hancock, because I was not at all sure what kind of lactation support, if any, existed there. I hope you can find a group though!

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