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Thread: 5 months old and not enouth milk

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    Default 5 months old and not enouth milk

    my daughter is now 5 months old and eveything has gone smoothly with the brest feeding untill about 4 months. i have started working out really hard again and now i seem to be having trouble getting enough milk. if i pump every 2 hours i get about 2 or 3 onzes (i dont pump at night) but she has started eating 5 or 6 oz bottles now at day care. i know that i dont have that much in me when she is brest feading. i am taking the suppliment called mothers milk. is there anything else i can do to help production? i pump about 3 or 4 times a day if i wait 6 or 7 hours between feedings then i get enough but i dont have enough of a suply built up to wait that long i know im not far off but i need more milk help...:
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    Default Re: 5 months old and not enouth milk

    I'm no expert, but I wonder if it might help if you pump more frequently? Because milk is produced based on demand, it sounds like if you're waiting until you have "enough", your body may be getting the message that you don't need to make as much milk. If you pump or nurse more frequently, I think you'll find that your supply increases. And of course, make sure you're taking in enough fluids and eating well--and sleeping!

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    Default Re: 5 months old and not enouth milk

    2-3 ounces is acceptable output for pumping every two hours.
    Here is what is more likely going on:
    Babies need to suck, and especially breast fed babies, as comfort and bonding is derived from the experience. If you give a breast fed baby a bottle they will drain it, regardless if they are really that hungry or not. A bottle will not always meet their needs for comfort as more sucking may be required! You might consider putting a very slow flow nipple on your bottle, so it takes longer to drain. You may wish to remember that baby's continue to have growth spurts that are temporary periods of increased milk demand. And there is a chart that suggests that a baby needs roughly one to one and half ounces for every hour they are separated from you. I do agree about the fact that if you want more milk you must remove more milk frequent. Its all supply and demand. Here is a helpful excerpt from a ibclc nurse:

    ..."Many mothers misinterpret the baby's need to breastfeed frequently as a sign that their milk supply has diminished, but this is usually not true. If your baby is having a normal weight gain pattern during her routine physicals, is producing at least five to six sopping wet diapers per day, and is having a normal number of bowel movements, that is a good sign that you have plenty of milk for your baby. Just go along with your baby's temporary, increased need to breastfeed, understanding it is a normal and expected phase. ( keep in mind what I said about bottles tho., not the same as breastfeeding)

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    Default Re: 5 months old and not enouth milk

    One additional thought, since you stated that you have been "working out really hard again."
    It is critical to maintain a normal, healthy, and yes, fatty diet.
    Many women who train competitively shortly after childbirth find that they cannot sustain their weight or their milk supply.
    In my case, I burned so many calories while nursing, and had been lean before baby, that my body almost wasted away once I started walking and running after baby came along.
    So, I bulked up on ice cream at night, as well as nuts, and avo's.

    Sometimes we forget that our newborn (even at five months) still needs that close skin to skin contact.
    A great LLL recommendation is to "take baby to bed" for the weekend."
    I know, it sounds impossible. But, crawling into bed with baby, naked, skin to skin, and just hanging out for two days can revitalize a challenged milk supply.

    Please remember that your baby is much more efficient at extracting milk than a machine will ever be...so, rely on her affect and happy smile to tell you whether she's sated or not. And, feed her prior to her appearing hungry.

    Co sleeping can help increase supply also~

    Much LLLove,
    Carlsbad, CA

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    Default Re: 5 months old and not enouth milk

    Hi there
    I definitely agree that you'll probably need to either cut back a bit on working out or try to increase your calories. How many hours per day is your daughter in daycare? How many nursing sessions does she take at home?

    Waiting 6 to 7 hours between pumping sessions will decrease your milk supply. The best way to build milk supply is frequent removal of milk from the breast. I'd suggest you pump as often as every 2-3 hours, even if it doesn't seem like you're getting much.

    Here are some articles that you might find helpful:
    How can I tell if my baby is getting enough milk?
    How often will I have to pump when I go back to work?
    I'm pumping my milk to feed my baby, but my supply is going down. What can I do?
    Will my milk supply be affected if I exercise?

    I'm going to move this to working and breastfeeding so you can talk to other mothers who are doing the same!
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    Default Re: 5 months old and not enouth milk

    I would suggest cutting out altogether, or at least severely cutting back, on the workouts and see if that makes a difference. Some women's bodies cannot handle a lot of physical exertion and breastfeeding. You may be one of them.

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    Default Re: 5 months old and not enouth milk

    My son is 5 months old and i was in the exact same position untill last week. I almost went out and bought a tin of Enfamil. Luckily I decided to try out one last thing: I took 2 doses of fenugreek seeds in a 5 hour period ( just swallowed the seeds whole with a full glass of water) dont know which of the 2 did the trick ) Next morning I noticed my supply was up almot 50%! I was down to pumping 6 oz and I got almost 9 the next morning.

    I just wanted to share this in hope that it can help another mom whos feeling low that she cant fulfill her babys needs.

    As a working mom, nursing around the clock is pretty much immpossible for me. Also my son is more interested in looking around than nursing directly so it wont work for me anyway. the only time i can get him to nurse without interuption is when hes asleep.

    WIth fenugreek, now I can usualy total 20oz a day plus i nurse my baby once/twice in the morning around 6-7am before leaving for work. I pump 3 times a day
    10am: output 9-10
    3pm: 6-7
    8pm ~5

    You can get fenugreek pills at Whole Foods or your local GNC apparently, i just have fenugreek at home as i use them in traditional cooking anyway, so it was just more convinient. You can also get them at any Indian grocey store sold in packets of 1 /2- 1 lb, Its probably a LOT cheaper then the pills GNC sells, not to mention more organic . My mom had told me about this earlier, but i just brushed it aside as old timer advice. I wish I had listened then.

    How much: I have a tsp after every meal now.. 3 times a day. (dont worry there are no side effects to eating fenugreek, in fact it will keep your digestion better if anything.)

    also DRINK WATER.. as much as you can.
    hope this helps someone. please do post if it did !

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