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    My son is 5 weeks old and has this crusty stuff on the outside of his ear and on his ear lobe. It is a yellowish color, and I wanted to know is there anything I can do about this, and what is it??

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    does he have cradle cap? if so, it can spread to the ears and face, then called sebbhoric dermatitis. imo that's what it sounds like. hth
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    Does anyone in your family have eczema or extremely dry skin? All 3 of my boys have had it, my new guy has it now. The way you can tell if it is related to (pp) cradle cap or dermatitis is try to wash it off. If it comes off easily then I don't know. But if you have to use your nails to get it off then you can put lotion on it a couple of times a day and it will clear right up. Our doctor reccomended aquaphor or eucerin, it was gone w/in 2 or 3 days. If you miss putting lotion of even for a couple days though, it comes right back.

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