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Thread: Clogged Duct??

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    Hi! I think I have a clogged milk duct, but wanted to get some input from others based on symptons.

    It started with shooting pain when my baby latches on, but it goes mostly away as he nurses. Then I could feel a lump under the skin and it was tender to the touch. I applied a heating pad and massaged a bit and it seemed to go away for a day or two. Then the shooting pain when he latches on came back and a small white patch appeared on the nipple. Again I applied heat, and the white patch turned yellowish and then scabbed over and is gone. Now, there is also another very tender lumpy area in the breast. I massage and apply heat, but doesn't seem to be helping. The tender area is on the underside of the breast where my baby's chin normally presses during nursing, so I haven't tried to reposition him. I have also manually expressed milk with a pump and by hand after nursing to make sure the breast is emptied each time. Nothing seems to be helping this time. I would appreciate any advice/input on this. Thanks.

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    That dose sound like a clogged duct. They can take several days to really clear up at least. When I had mastisis it took over a week for me to get back to normal. Drink LOTS of fluids, and take vitamin c, all of these things will help you keep healthy. Nurse in different positions each time this will be one of the best things to help losen the clog. Oh and avoid wearing a bra if at all possible as much as possible until you feel better.

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