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Thread: one breast not producing

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    Default one breast not producing

    hi there,

    I have a one week old baby and one of my breasts is not producing anything but a slow drip. I always offer him this breast first and pump it often and still nothing, what do I do? Is it okay to just breast feed with one breast? Is there something seriously wrong with the breast? Should I just feed the producing one? lots of questions, and ready to throw in the towel, please help

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    Some women have nursed with just one breast, so don't throw in the towel just yet. Your body could respond and make enough milk with just one. However, you may want to talk to your care provider and see if there could be a medical reason for this. I've heard lots of women say that one breast usually produces more than the other so that is not abnormal, but if it really doesn't produce anything that's a little odd.

    Also one week is so early in the process, your milk supply isn't well established until probably 4-5 weeks so stick with it if you can and maybe the problem will work itself out. Also, make sure you are feeding on demand, not making your baby wait until a certain time to eat again. And if you are pumping after a feeding, don't expect much to come out, baby just took it all!

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    Try to always offer that breast first. After you feel a letdown listen/watch for LO's swallowing. You might be surprised to see/hear they are getting more out than you can. It is a common occurance for a pump or hand expression to not do much of anything. Some Mom's have no luck with a pump whatsoever. LO's are SO efficient at expression......

    As the PP said, some Mom's do BF with just one..it can be done and your LO would get plenty of milk...but don't sell your other side short just yet!!
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    I had one side come in with milk after about 5 days and the other side not until about 2 weeks! I thought I would be feeding on one side only, too. But- did not turn out that way. Just thought you might want to know it happens to some people

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