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    Is exercising okay when nursing? I thought I read somewhere it can change the taste of your milk. How much is okay? I don't really like doing too much aggressive exercise, just something along the lines of yoga and doing an elliptical machine.

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    Have never ever heard that.

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    the only thing i have heard is to not lose to much weight too quickly. i think it's not more than 2 lbs a week as to not affect supply. exercising is great as long as doctor has given the go ahead! hth
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    Yes I have heard that the acids that are created in your body when you exercise do go into your milk, however they pose no danger to your baby, and most babies don't mind the difference.

    Also, you may want to wash your breasts after exercising because of the saltiness of your sweat, baby may not like it.

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    I had read that intense exercise will increase the lactic acid in breastmilk. What you're mentioning definitely doesn't sound like it would cause a problem. And exercise is so good for your mind and body!

    Here is what the La Leche League FAQ says:
    Will my milk supply be affected if I exercise?
    It depends what the exercise is. Women with babies have always worked - they couldn't afford not to. Often this work involved fairly strenuous manual labor. We also feel better when we get exercise, and this is certainly good for both mother and baby.

    Some important points to bear in mind are:

    Wait until the baby is at least 6 weeks old or more.
    Start the exercise slowly and gradually.
    Be sure to consume liquids to replace those lost by sweating.
    Some kinds of exercise can be done with baby.
    Walking briskly, mild aerobic exercises and water exercises are ideal in the beginning.
    Other good exercises for later on are swimming and aerobics.
    Don't do too much! It will tire you too much and take you away for too long; if you want to breastfeed, you need to be there.

    And KellyMom has this to say:

    Does exercise affect milk supply or nutrient content?
    No. Studies have shown no difference in the volume or composition of the milk or babies' weight gain. One study showed a slight increase in milk supply for the women who exercised regularly, but because of the small size of the study this increase may not be significant.

    Does lactic acid increase in breastmilk after exercise?
    Research has not shown a noticable increase in lactic acid buildup after moderate exercise (50% & 75% intensity). The lactic acid in breastmilk does increase somewhat if mom exercises to maximum (100%) intensity, also described as exhaustive exercise. This increase may be present up to 90 minutes post-exercise. There are no known harmful effects for the baby.

    I find that it is so good for my attitude and mood if I get out for a walk once a day. It combats my lack of energy in the afternoon.

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