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Thread: Nurses too much? Iron deficiency

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    Default Nurses too much? Iron deficiency

    My son will be 12 months on the 21st of this month. He is more interested in nursing than any food that I give him. He does eat other food, but he just nurses, a lot. Basically whenever he even sees cleavage he's tryign to rip my shirt off, I don't get it. I have been giving him tons of extra attention, and I nurse him whenever he wants, but I am worried, especially because he has an iron deficiency, that he isn't getting the nutrition he needs from other food. I have tried to find information about this everywhere. How much nursing is too much at this age? Or is there such thing as too much nursing? It isnt that I don't enjoy bf'ing him, but I just want to know that he is getting all he needs in terms of nourishment.

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    You might check out the book, Mothering your Nursing Toddler if you haven't already. It talks about how the developmental and emotional stages of your toddler impacts nursing habits at different ages.

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    and your breastmilk has lots of iron in it.
    unless your baby was born early or you were animic during pg he should be fine.
    dr sears has some good info about iron on his web site
    heres some good info from kelly moms

    my dd had low iron at 18 months old, very low, they sent us to the specialast at a childrens hospital and her only idea was to wean.
    WEll I wasn't going to do that and I knew that her info about breastfeeding was not good.
    I asked one of the other moms who came to my LLL group what they were doing for their dd. Her hubby is a natural criopractic doctor. Anyways she recomended flora-dix and it worked wonders for my dd.
    She would even take it with out spitting it out, like she did the other iron drops we tried.
    heres a link to info about flora dix.. you get it at the health food store.

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    Default Re: Nurses too much? Iron deficiency

    My DS nurses alot too and had low iron at 9 and 12 months, although I don't think nursing has anything to do with it (My DS was early and only 5lbs 8oz at birth). It was low enough (9.3) at 12 months to give him an iron supplement. It bounced right back up with a supplement. What did your ped recommend? My ped said nursing is much better for him than cow's milk especially with his anemia. Cow's milk can interfere with iron absorption.

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    Default Re: Nurses too much? Iron deficiency

    My son was also anemic at 12 months and like you I wondered if he was nursing too much. I did two things, basically. First, I decided not to take the iron drops the ped recommended and instead followed Andrea's suggestion and used the Floradix natural supplement (my ped approved it). And second, I did try to get him to eat more iron-rich solids and I cut back on nursing before dinner (his most iron-rich meal), just so he would be hungrier. Lentils were (and still are) a big favorite and have tons of iron -- in fact, most beans do (chick peas, black beans, pinto beans, etc.). Oatmeal has a lot of iron, especially with blackstrap molasses added. He likes turkey burgers and scrambled eggs and sardines, all of which are iron-rich. Quinoa and millet have a lot of iron, as do potatoes. And leafy greens of course, which I admit I haven't been too successful in getting him to eat. To encourage him to eat a bit more after he has played with everything on his tray, I sometimes grind up some of the iron-rich stuff and mix it in with Earth's Best jarred sweet potatoes, which he LOVES. I feel a little guilty that I'm not letting him completely self-feed (although he does take the spoon himself about half the time), but I figure it's a little bit like pudding for dessert.

    He was retested at about 15 months and his hemoglobin count had increased from 9.6 (considered anemic) to 10.6 (considered low normal). The ped wants me to continue with the iron supplement and I'm still focusing on iron-rich foods. Oh, watermelon is another good one, but I've had trouble finding it in the winter.

    I've also noticed that his concentration seems a little bit better since his iron levels have increased. He has always been an extremely active little boy, so I was very surprised when he tested anemic. We're at 17 months now and still nursing a lot -- about 4x a day and more during the night. I'm about to start cutting back but I'm glad I've been able to keep going this long. So while you might want to cut back before meals just so he'll be more enthusiastic about solids, don't feel like you need to start weaning just yet!

    Hope that helps!
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