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Thread: Trying to latch onto both at once?

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    Default Trying to latch onto both at once?

    DS is going to be 2 soon and he's discovered a new trick while we're nursing lying down. He'll be nursing on the "lower" breast, then reach up and pull the "upper" breast down and try to get both nipples in his mouth! He's actually done it a couple of times (talk about a bad latch!).

    Has anyone's elses LO every tried this? LOL, it's weird, that's for sure!

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    Default Re: Trying to latch onto both at once?

    No my lo hasn't tried that one, but it's right up his alley. I wouldn't be surprised at all.
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    Default Re: Trying to latch onto both at once?

    I'm with Laura lol I would not be surprised if Gavin tried that hehe
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    Cool Re: Trying to latch onto both at once?

    He's a smart one!!

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