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Thread: My Baby Don't Want Breast

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    Question My Baby Don't Want Breast

    My 7 Month Baby Is A Part Time Breastfeed Baby
    Since 4month He Drink Breastmilk And Formula But Now, 3 Months After He Don't Want My Breast, He Does Like Breastmilk In Bottle But When I Want To Give Him Breast He Start Crying. Help Please

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    Hi Elsie
    It's hard when your baby refuses your breast. It feels like he's rejecting you!

    Sometimes babies get to where they like the ease of getting milk from a bottle and get frustrated with having to work to get milk from the breast. One thing that might help this situation is to change how you give him the bottle. There is a full description here: www.bfar.org/bottlefeeding.pdf
    This technique has you holding the baby in an upright position and holding the bottle almost horizontally. The baby then has to "nurse" on the bottle nipple in a similar way to nursing at the breast-- he has to work for the milk. I've had several mothers try this when their babies refused the breast. It has been a very helpful technique for them.

    You could also try keeping your son close to you-- either holding him a lot or using a sling or similar baby carrier so that your breast is available often. This may encourage him to nurse more. Does he get formula while you work and nurse the rest of the time? Can you describe your situation a little more? That may help us give you some more ideas.

    You are such a wonderful mom for continuing to provide your milk for your baby-- via breast or bottle!


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    Default Re: My Baby Don't Want Breast

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    What kind of nipples are on the bottles? DD gets 3 bottles/day and I still use advent size 1 (for newborn) nipples so that she has to work to get the ebm out of the bottle and I replace them every 6 weeks (nipples naturally deteriorate with use and washing making them flow faster). As above posted said, I have DCP sit her up right and hold bottle horizontal so she has to suck the milk in instead of it just dripping into her mouth without her having to do anything. I also never give dd a bottle when she is around me. She is 7 months now and actually gets upset if she sees me handling a bottle. Hope this helps!
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