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Thread: Wet diapers

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    Default Wet diapers

    Stupid, question. I have read a couple of different things on this. What is considered a wet diaper? We use disposable diapers and his diaper will feel wet, but not REALLY wet. The only really wet ones are when he wakes up in the morning and after the next feeding. So when does a wet diaper count? I will smell the urine, but when I check it is not soaking wet.

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    they wont "feel" wet because disposable diapers are built the same way as sanitary towels - they are meant to hold and "wick away" the moisture

    best way to tell is to weigh it in your hand - if it is heavier than a fresh one then it has been used and is "wet".

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    i was worried about this a several weeks ago and a fellow poster recommended i pour 1 or 2 oz of water into a diaper so i could feel the weight.

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