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Thread: So much milk & sore nipples..... :-(

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    Default So much milk & sore nipples..... :-(

    I've never posted in a forum before but being that I know no one with children I am hoping to get some help!!

    First - My milk supply is out of control!! When my milk came in I went from a B to a D in cup size- not to mention my breasts leak constantly - not leak - so much as a run (as in a drippy faucet!) I normally wear breast shields to catch the milk - but today I measured the amount of extra milk after feeding my daughter and it is well of 16 oz....

    Is there anything I can do to slow down my milk production or am I doomed to have to change shirts 5 times a day the entire time I nurse. I feel so frustrated because as I am feeding on one side - the other side fills up the shield 3 times.. and vice versa... My breasts get so hard if I dont feed the baby ever 2 hours that I'm so tired and literally exhausted.. any ideas??

    Also - My nipple on one side is completely cracked and disfigured - the lactation consultant I just saw told me the baby is latching normally and everything looks fine - but if that is so - why the pain?? And why only on one side... I'm on the verge of giving up and just pumping and bottle feeding... I wanted to breastfeed to give my daughter the best - but my health and sanity are at stake here tooo.. any help?

    -Sabrinas New Mommy..
    (1 week old!)

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    Default Re: So much milk & sore nipples..... :-(

    At 1 week you are still going thru a lot of adjustments! Your post sounds almost like me right after I first had my baby! My DS is 20 months old and we are still BF. Your supply will adjust to your baby's needs. It just takes a little time.

    Have you tried ice packs? They actually helped me greatly... My LC recommended taking the newborn diapers soaking them in water and putting them in the freezer. You can actually kind of shape them to conform to your breasts if you do it right.

    For the sore nipple I can't give you a whole lot of advice. Try to start out on the other side to kind of give it a break to allow it to heal... Here are some links that might help.


    I hope your experience improves. Try getting in touch with your local LLL leader if possible. Going to a meeting helped me so much! Just the benefit of knowing others experience can make you feel better sometimes.

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    Default Re: So much milk & sore nipples..... :-(

    I know it's awful to be so engorged but it will pass, your supply will adjust. Are you pumping? If so try to pump only when you're extremely uncomfortable or just before she nurses for 3-5min if it's hard for her to latch or she can't handle the torrent of milk that comes out.

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    Default Re: So much milk & sore nipples..... :-(

    We have all been there!! This is just the beginning and while breastfeeding is "natural" it can be so "unnatural" to get the hang of it. This is new for you AND for your baby.

    Your milk supply and the leakage will come in check. I would not pump. It can make the leakage worse since you'll be increasing the supply and demand cycle. Definitely get breast pads and change them frequently (I like the disposable kind that don't have any plastic). I also found that if I put some pressure with my hand on the breast that my daughter was not feeding on, that it would help prevent let down on that side.

    For the sore side... I always seem to be better on one side than the other, too. It's weird! Try changing positions. My favorite position ended up being lying down. I found that I could better position my nipple in the baby's mouth if I put her on her back on the bed and then sort of aimed and lower myself toward her (this is probably not "proper technique" but it worked for me!) Once she latched on then I could make myself more comfortable and roll her to her side (so we would both be on our sides facing each other).

    You can do this! My experience with each of my 3 kids has been that the first 6 weeks are a learning period. If you can make it past that, you will LOVE breastfeeding. Good luck!
    Mary - mom to Gabriela (3.20.99), Steven (5.17.01) and Sofia (3.20.06)

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