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Thread: Pumping at 6 days postpartum?

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    Default Pumping at 6 days postpartum?

    I have been trying to pump a little in between feedings to get the hang of the pump and to increase my milk supply.I sitll haven't been engorged yet. I can only pump a small amount ( I have the Medela Pump in Style) I don't even get half an ounce and it is still somewhat yellowish. Does this mean my mature milk has not come in yet? I am worried that the pump doesn't work for me, but it got rave reviews!

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    I tried pumping for the first two weeks post partum and only got drops. I know the baby was getting plenty of milk because of her wet/dirty diapers and her weight gain. I just don't think I could produce more than what she needed initially. After a couple of months I tried again and could get an ounce here and there, and could plan ahead and get a bottle's worth so I could go to dinner with my husband now and then. Now when I go to work, I get enough for her when I'm away.

    I wouldn't worry about it. Especially if you pump when the baby's skipped a feeding when he (or she's) sleeping a little longer, I bet you'll start getting more. Some people I know respond to the pump right away, others like me took a while getting used to it. Playing around with the speed and suction might help too. I usually start out on fast speed til I get a let down then slow it down.

    Congratulations on the new baby!

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    Default Re: Pumping at 6 days postpartum?

    At 6 days PP, you are likely seeing what is known as transitional milk. It is a mixture of colostrum and mature milk that lasts from the time your milk becomes more plentiful (comes in) until about 2 weeks pp. It's perfectly normal...and is the perfect food for your baby!
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