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Thread: 9 wk old Baby Poop question...

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    Question 9 wk old Baby Poop question...

    My daughter is 9 1/2 weeks and we have breastfed since day one. She eats every 2 hours during the day and at night, goes one stretch of 5-7 hours, followed by one 3 hour stretch, then back to every 2 hours. Her normal nursing sessions are about 6-10 minutes on one side only.
    As expected (I think), her bowel movements have decreased to only a couple times a day, but the color has changed as well.
    Her poop has changed from yellow to a darker brownish-yellow (still normal texture, though maybe a bit slimier?). I know that green can be a sign of not enough hind-milk, but I don't see any green in her diapers.

    Is this color OK? I can't find anything about brown-ish colors on the internet, and I figured that you ladies would be my best bet!

    Thanks for your help!

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    Sounds normal to me...it can vary by color. As long as she is having no discomfort, your good!

    If there is discomfort, you might want to look into your diet a bit...but it sounds like she is fine, and a GREAT sleeper! Congrats!


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    My son is almost the same age as your daughter. He has yellow brown poops too. I used this link (below) to see what normal baby poop looks like (funny the things that put my mind at ease) but it shows you all the stages of baby poop and the last picture does look yellow/brown. I also read in a few places that yellow-brown and even green at times can all be normal poops.


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