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Thread: BM consistency/color change....?

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    Default BM consistency/color change....?

    5 days ago I realized I had an oversupply issue on my hands again. (I had one before, had resolved it with blockfeeding/pumping and then had an undersupply. DS was eating all the time cuz he wasn't getting much. So I pumped to get more.) Since then my milk has been very watery and almost bluish in its whiteness. My husband even noticed and said something to me. Previously it had been creamier and heavier and not so translucent white, even when I had my first oversupply situation. Yesterday I breastfed my DS all day (no expressed milk in bottles) and he had 4 limey green poops in a row - maybe from this "new" milk. Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks for your help - I'm kind of worried and very frustrated that I can't seem to regulate my milk supply very well. These problems have been going on for almost 3 months.
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    Default Re: BM consistency/color change....?

    I've had that happen with DD too, the slimey poops. I just chalked it up to something that I ate or a milestone for her digestive system. Peds confirmed it too. You'll be fine and eventually it will regulate. I also have OALD in the beginning, I just froze the excess while I regulated it.

    to you, I know it can be frustrating.

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    Default Re: BM consistency/color change....?

    Blue and green milk is still within the normal range. It can mean you ate something with lots of color, but mostly it's just the color of healthy foremilk. It sounds like your baby is eating mostly the foremilk. A foremilk/hindmilk imbalance will show as greener poops in your baby. Try pumping off the front milk before you nurse your baby. I realize it might make you produce more milk, so maybe block feeding would be better. One boob ever two to three feedings ok.
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