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I'm totally depresses.I'm not successful at pumping.
Evrything failed.I tried Avent manual.I saw milk coming but the standard flange is rubbing my aereola and I found that Avent doesnt make bigger
flanges.But i was able to see some milk compared to PIS Medela.
I'm a terrible mom.When evrybody in this world is able to pump and give milk I can't even do that simple job.
mangai - perhaps it is a technique thing? I find pumping quite painful initially, particularly if I am very engorged. I go really really gently manually at first. Then after 2 minutes normally I still dont have milk. I take the pump off, move it slightly and try again. Again very gently.
It normally takes me about 4 minutes of gentle pumping before I start to see milk. It does sting. However, once the milk squirts start the pain seems to go away.

also how old is your LO? I found I only got milk from pumping when my LO was 4-5 weeks old. it just didnt work when he was younger.

get someone to babysit your LO just after you have BF your LO on one side whilst you go into a separate room, put on some gentle music and just relax before you pump and then pump the other side. if it doesnt work after 5 minutes or it hurts, stop, and try again the next day.

it is such a scary thing to start with, but trust me, it is do-able.

big hugs