World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations - "Grand Opening" of the 2007 LLL in the USA WBWC Web site

Are you ready to celebrate?! Everything you need for that great yearly opportunity to raise breastfeeding awareness and funds for all levels of La Leche League is now available! The 2007 LLL in the USA World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations Web site is updated and ready for you!

Access this Web site for FREE online registrations, all WBW forms, and a wealth of fundraising and publicity ideas. Register yourself, your Group, Chapter, or organization for your own World Breastfeeding Week celebration.

Here are some of the highlights of this year's LLL in the USA World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations Web site features:

* A new LLL in the USA 2007 WBWC theme, The Power of One, with the new Power of One WBWC logo!
* Rebates to Groups and Chapters: raise $750 or more and receive a rebate of 5% to 10%.
* GUARANTEED first prize of a $500 educational scholarship or a $500 gift certificate to EVERY winner who raises $2,000 or more.
* Additional gift certificates to all individuals who raise $250 - $1999.
* Get-away weekend auctions as Group fundraisers. Groups put together a weekend; WBWC auctions it; the proceeds are split 50/50.
* Simplified three-page Accounting/Evaluation/Prize Eligibility form with a section for credit card donations for Groups to use.
* Each Area WBW Coordinator (AWC) will receive a mailing from Candace Hill, the AWC Coordinator of the WBWC Team.
* Modifications have been made to the WBWC Web site to make it easier to browse and download.
* A greater variety of Cafepress merchandise with the new Power of One logo is available for purchase in large or small quantities. Visit

Here's a list of the favorites that you've come to look for each year:

* Discussion e-lists on Yahoo, La Leche League Mother-to-Mother Forums, and the Community Network, with hundreds of members.
* Most pages in the WBWC Kit can be personalized; many are updated with the new Power of One logo.
* Articles in each issue of NEW BEGINNINGS and LEAVEN, with pictures and stories to share.
* Groups have the opportunity to advertise their WBW merchandise on the WBWC Web site.
* Online registrations flow automatically to the WBWC Registrar and the AWC. Forms are also available for postal registrations.
* Banner ads to place on your Web site - new choices for 2007.
* The 2006 report is now online. You'll read how the $100,000 WBWC total income level was broken-- up $4258.42 from 2005! Read all past-year reports and spreadsheets on the 2007 Web site.

There's something for everyone, whether you are new to World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations or a long-time supporter, an individual or a large group. Let's celebrate!