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Thread: adding spices / herbs / garlic to LO's foods?

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    Default Re: adding spices / herbs / garlic to LO's foods?

    My pediatrician told me that it was ok to add spices to her food. She didn't say anything about any spice but salt.

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    Default Re: adding spices / herbs / garlic to LO's foods?

    bumping for staceyinsamoa

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    ; multiple food allergies
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    Default Re: adding spices / herbs / garlic to LO's foods?

    While we were still doing seperate foods, we would season K's food just like ours, sans salt. The only thing I stopped doing for a while was adding cinnamon to her oatmeal.

    I noticed a possible rash and looked around for info on the things she was eating at the time (which was - at that time - a short list) and pinpointed cinnamon as the culprit. Turns out cinnamon is one of the few spices that commonly causes an allergenic reaction. So we took it out of the oatmeal and voila, no rash. We reintroduced it at about 11.5 mos and have not had a problem this go round.

    That, however, is the only seasoning we ever noticed an issue with. She loves sauteed onions, garlicky foods, etc etc.

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    Default Re: adding spices / herbs / garlic to LO's foods?

    DS loves red pepper, garlic, onion, paprika, curry, jalapeno flavor, he really eats anything. He LOVES spiced up things. The only thing we really have almost cut out completely is salt. No need for that.
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