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    I hope that I am doing this right. I just signed up for this and am trying to figure it all out. I am a new mom as of April 14th to a beautiful baby boy! While at the hospital, I had a few different nurses daily and when you are in there for a week on end like I was, that's alot of them. It seems they all gave me different information...everyone has different ways I suppose, but when it comes to giving valid information to mothers that rely on them they should all get their story straight. I was told that since my baby was not interested in breast feeding that I had no choice but to top up with formula, one nurse said to top up with 10 ml then the next would come in and say 80-100 ml....Some were saying not to pump my breasts and others said to feed formula with a cup vs. bottle. Needless to say I left that hospital feeling helpless with a baby hooked on the bottle and formula. I desperately want breast feeding to work, as does my husband and we have tried everything. He is so use to the bottle and getting it quickly that once he gets on the breast and realizes its not his regular feed, he screams bloody murder. This goes on for hours if I let it....I find myself crying as I sit there looking at him, I feel so bad that I can't give him what I know he needs. I have done skin to skin..given him time....Had my husband calm him down and bring him back..nothing seems to work. What can you do for a baby that is 19 days old and only takes formula. I had been trying to pump, but from a c section gone anything but good, I have been too sore to sit up straight to pump and my milk supply seems to be diminishing. What can I do?

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    if u want to give bm in a bottle u have to pump...after every feeding the baby has...have u tried sns?

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    I don't think there's an easy fix here, but you can definitely turn this around. Be persistent. Offer the breast as much as possible. If you pump first to stimulate your let-down response, the milk will already be there..which would be a good time to get baby to latch on. Just keep at it, get him to nurse as much as you possibly can and if he doesn't empty your breasts; pump.

    The more you remove from your body, the more your body will make. I think you will find that it will have been worth all the effort once this breastfeeding thing takes off.

    We had an easy start and it was still tough for the 1st 6 weeks. You cannot trust the various and vastly different opinions of nurses who have probably never breastfed; you have to be your own advocate in this situation. This is why I took courses before hand as well as educated myself as much as I could; I was the one with the sign on the baby's cart that read "I AM BREASTFEEDING, NO BOTTLES, NO FORUMLA, NO WATER, NO PACIFIERS!..." I also kept my daughter in the room with me most of the time.

    Unfortunately this is not of much use to you now, but in case there's a next time; you have to know your rights.

    Please keep us posted and let us know when things turn around, I'm very optimistic!!!
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    Good for you for getting help. If you have access to breastfeeding support, area leaders, lactation consultants, breastfeeding counselors, then use them.

    My baby ended up in the NIC-U before my milk had come in. That 3 day separation and their generous formula feeding cause my milk to come in rather late. When he was in the NIC-U and I couldn't be there, I was at home pumping every 2 hours (getting nothing but tiniest bit of colostrum) around the clock. Once we got him home, I nursed for hours on end and the baby just wasn't getting as much as he was used to or as much as he wanted/needed and ended up screaming and crying. I was so opposed to giving formula that I probably waited too long to give a supplement. After 2 or 3 days of around the clock nursing/pumping, my milk came in with a vengeance (over-active let-down and all) and we didn't need anymore formula.

    At the very beginning, I had him latch on every 1.5-2 hours and would even rouse him from sleep to do so.

    To help build my supply, I also drank Mother's Milk tea and took fenugreek capsules. Both are available at health food stores if not at your local supermarket.

    Don't give up. Your body was made for this. Once your milk supply is well established, your baby will be getting everything he needs. You sound determined, and that is all that it takes, really.

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