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    At about 6 weeks my little guy has had a change in BM habits. Up until then his BM was yellow and seedy, and he was going several times a day. Now its a little darker yellow, more like peanutbutter in thickness, it stinks, and he only goes every couple of days. (Sorry to be so graphic!) I've been supplementing him with formula since he was 3 days old, the amount I've been supplementing is less now than when he was going all of the time.

    I called his Pediatrician, and they said BMs can change around that age, and it was normal. Not sure why I don't trust the doc! Is the change in BMs normal??

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    My baby did the same thing- he used to poop every day, and then all of a sudden he would go 4-5 days without pooping. When he finally went it was thicker and a TON of it. After a few weeks of that kind of poop he changed back to seedy. I don't know if it is normal, but at least you know other babies do it.

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    The older babies get the more their bodies will absorb from whatever they are being fed. So its normal for BM's to change in frequency and consistancy. My DS' were odor free for 2+ months then all the sudden they got really stinky. The human body is a marvelous thing

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